dannyDanny Cameron



One of the founding members, Danny joined Neshiima in April 2014. After drunkenly answering a Gumtree ad posted by Liam, we were blown away by a blistering audition. With his happy-go-lucky attitude, ridiculous banter and love for a beer; it was a perfect match.

As well as being the backbone to the band, Danny is also Mr Admin. He takes care of most administrative jobs and is generally the first point of contact for those looking to contact the band. He handles these duties with ease and rarely complains, something the rest of us are extremely grateful for.

-Gear rundown

·         Pearl Export EX Kit – 12/14/18/22 (Remo Drum Heads)

·         8” Sabian B8 Splash

·         10” Stagg SH Splash

·         14” Stagg SH Crash

·         14” Meinl MCS Hi-Hats

·         16” Paiste Alpha Rock Crash

·         16” Paiste Alpha China

·         20” Paiste 101 Ride

·         Tama Iron Cobra Double Bass pedal

·         13×6” Mapex MPX Maple Snare Drum (Evans Heavyweight Drum Head)

·         Alesis Sample Pad

·         ProMark 7A Drum Sticks


Favourites n stuff

– Albums

·         Metallica – Master of Puppets

·         Sylosis – Conclusion Of An Age

·         Deftones – White Pony

·         Incubus – Make Yourself

·         Viatrophy – Viatrophy

·         Biffy Clyro – Infinity Land


– Ultimate favourite band – Metallica

– Local band  –  A toss-up between Huxtable, Mountains Under Oceans and Hector Bizerk! Oh and maybe throw Akord in there since they’re moving to Glasgow soon!


– How you developed your style of play/main influences on playing. 

My early drum influences were mainly drummers from thrash and heavy bands that I was obsessed with (Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Dave McClain of Machine Head, Roy Mayorga of, at the time, Soulfly, Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall and even Kev Matthews from Mendeed – remember them??).

Nowadays I’m much more intrigued to watch and learn from drummers around the tech scene like Jay Postones (Tesseract/Heights), Mike Malyan (Monuments/The Algorithm) and Boris Le Gal (Chimp Spanner and more). Watching and listening to these guys have helped me understand different time signatures and develops my playing. There are more to drums than playing Lombardo thrash beats!

– Nesh gig

Probably our show at Hard Rock Café in Glasgow with our pals in Akord, Huxtable and Divides in August 2014. It was a super nice venue, we got treated very well and had a great crowd!

– Gig attended 

Machine Head at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh in August 2014. Tiny venue, awesome show! Also seeing The Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth) on my birthday at Knebworth was pretty special!

– Best thing about being on stage

Looking out and seeing people enjoy themselves. Such a cliché thing to say but it really is awesome to see people singing along, head banging or rockin’ some air guitar to the songs we pour our blood, sweat and tears in to writing, learning and performing!

– Biggest worry on stage

Haha, probably falling off my drum stool? Surely that would be the worst thing to happen. I’ve dropped sticks before, burst a bass drum skin and cracked cymbals mid-show so I’m not sure what else could go wrong.


General Favourites

– Drink/food

Brew Dog craft beers and probably Pizza

– Pastime

Apart from spending time with my fellow oddballs in Neshiima, I watch a lot of football and TV. I’m pretty lazy!

– Guilty pleasure

Although everyone may think I’m a metal head through n though, I have a soft spot for female fronted bands like Paramore, Guano Apes, Tonight Alive, Pvris and even La Roux…


– Something you dislike + reason why 

People who are incapable of doing their job. Whether it’s in the music industry, the work place or in public – the very minimum someone should be able to do in life is their job. It does my head in when incompetence from one person or group of people causes unnecessary problems for others!


– Most wanna meet

I would absolutely love to go for a pint with Frank Turner. His gig memoir book that he released recently was a great read. He just seems like a guy who has never lost touch with his roots during his rise to fame and has some amazing stories! Not to mention he writes some incredible music!

– Most wanna punch 

Katie Hopkins. There really doesn’t need to be an explanation for this choice. Everybody hates her.

– Favourite band quote – we have many…

When asked how to spell the band name – “N-E-S-H-I-I-M-A… Two eyes, like a face!!”