Ross CloughleyRoss pic 1


Ross is the newest addition to Neshiima, taking over the departed guitar duties. And he does so with aplomb. Technically impressive and tight are the way forward for Ross, with riffs aplenty to back up his aggressive yet clean style. The lead side of things is also easily handled and a pinch harmonic is never far away for this Killswitch diehard.



Mayones Duvell Elite 6 Tuned to Drop A Seymour Duncan Nazgul & Sentient Pick-ups

D’Adarrio NYXL 11-56 Strings

Kemper Profiling Powerhead

Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro Footswitch

Zilla Fatboy 2×12 Cabinet Loaded With 2 x Celesition V30’s

Hesu Cables


– Favourite albums
Killswitch Engage – Every album, Machine Head – The Blackening, Sylosis – Edge of Earth, Monuments – The Amanuensis, Metallica – Master of Puppets, Lamb of God – Sacrament

– Ultimate favourite band
Killswitch Engage

– Favourite local band
Not The Messiah…..:p

– How you developed your style of play/main influences on playing.
I practiced a lot of my favourite songs…. I’ve only been playing 6 years and I basically YouTube everything and developed my ear as a matter of priority. So I am still developing my own style but it’s generally described as Fast

– Favourite Nesh gig

– Favourite gig attended
This is easy for me. Machine Head at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh 2014, meeting Robb Flynn and Dave McClain as well as drinking for 8 hours prior to the show, was definitely a night to remember. Still have my torn Lamb of God T-shirt as a memory from the Pittage.

– Best thing about being on stage
Honestly…… the Buzz you get, its hard to describe but the feeling of performing in front of folk and seeing there faces smiling back and banging their heads!

– Biggest worry on stage
Tuning…..for each gig but if it was catastrophic, my amp or guitar breaking leaving me unable to finish the set.



Food – Pizza

– Drink – Coke

– Pastime – Making Youtube videos

– Guilty pleasure – late 90’s early 00’s Trance music (Kevin & Perry Soundtrack basically)

– Something you dislike + reason why – EGGS! I fucking hate EGGS! Need I say more. The foetus of a bird that smells like a morning in the loo after a night of Guinness and Indian food.

– Most wanna meet – Robert De Niro

– Most wanna punch – Too many… Politicians mostly

– Favourite band quote – “Neshaerobics!!!”