tunnels2 Craig Rankin



Craig is one of the founding members of Neshiima, and is generally the life of the band. He will definitely make you laugh or cringe, in no particular order, whether that be through the mic onstage, or in person. With the ability to be both technical, and laidback, Craig has developed his own style within the Neshiima sound. With super solid rhythm, the odd off kilter bass run, an aggressive playing style and frequent invasion of the crowd, Craig is the pure embodiment of the Neshiima Live experience. It’s hard to imagine playing live without him. Chances are he will be on someone’s shoulders, on top of the bar, or generally just as high up as possible on whatever is available. Prepare to have your personal space penetrated within the blink of an eye.

– Gear

– Peavey Millennium BXP 5-String Bass, Ashdown Mag 300 Bass Head, Peavey 4×10 Cab, Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2, Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2, Beta-aivin Eq-100 Pedal
– AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless Kit ( For all the live experience lols )

– Favourites n Stuff

Favourite albums
Drake – Thank Me Later / Atreyu – The Curse / AFI – Sing The Sorrow / Timbaland – Shock Value / Lupe Fiasco – The Cool / Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
( A short list of albums that have been a big deal for me over the years )
– Ultimate favourite band
I cant, I just cant , its a poor answer but with so many styles of music being important to me there’s no way I can pick a favourite

Favourite local band
Huxtable / MILK

– How you developed your style of play/main influences on playing.
My style of playing has changed a few times, When I first started playing I was listening to bands such as Green Day and Blink 182  and i had a desire to play bass as funky and as fast as i could, but recently a solid groove is whats doing it for me.
So with Neshiima’s style,I’m completely in my happy place playing big chunky riffs,locking  in with the drums and destroying Tokyo with the musical monster we create.

– Favourite Nesh gig
My favourite gig as a  4 piece was easily Mad Mental Music 2 at Ivory Blacks, hosted and headlined by our friends Monkey Puzzle. The other bands ,the atmosphere, everything was perfect to make it a cray cray gig.

As a 5 piece it was supporting Huxtable at The Admiral Bar. It was like our older gigs,but right before going on we hit a gold star from Mario Bros, everything we do as a band was suddenly exaggerated and more exciting all thanks to the addition of the glucose kid (Andrew)

– Favourite gig attended
This is tough because Ive attended so many different styles of gig, so ill list a few,
First time seeing Drake (Yes, I’m a massive fan ,deal with it)
Mr Hudson and The Library at Nice n Sleazys
The Offspring at the SECC (one of my first gigs and what an experience)
Sikth in King Tuts = Insanity

– Best thing about being on stage
Having a good time, I spent my teenage years watching bands play live,put on a show and have an amazing time doing it, super happy to finally be doing it myself
I pretty much make it a rule to try and out do the last show,so whatever i did,i need to do harder better faster stronger next time round. GO HARD OR GO HOME

– Biggest worry on stage
1. Breaking a string, Its a fear i have with every single gig.
2.Looking bored or boring as a band, no one wants to pay to see a band who are clearly more focused on the local supermarket closing time and if they have enough milk in the fridge for that cup of tea in the morning.

– General Favourites

– Food – Sushi

– Drink – I might have an addiction to Diet Coke

– Pastime – Binge watching TV shows, At the moment I’m hooked on watching Anime

– Guilty pleasure – Rapping along to music in the car and pretending I’m straight up OG

– Something you dislike + reason why  – People who prey on the weak, bullies basically, I see it everyday. I’m not always the strongest person but i hate seeing people become victims.
and peaches, what kinda twisted game is the devil playing by giving us that fruit.

– Most wanna meet – Barrack Obama, I bet he has some stories

– Most wanna punch – Robocop, just for the sound it would make

– Favourite band quote
Faffeteria – It literally sums us up
The opening of a metaphorical door,leading us to a place of relentless procrastination and time moving at double speed.