Craig aka Curg aka Gunky

So its 2016 and “Yes!” we still exist.

Although we’ve been so very quiet recently, i like to think of the past few months as Neshiima in stealth mode, super stealth mode, I’m talking hiding from ninjas stealth mode. But its finally over and we can burst back onto the scene again – Faffery and all.

2015 was incredibly challenging for us as we set aloooooot of goals, maybe in hindsight too many, but we pushed and pushed, achieved them all and had an absolute blast.

We released our second EP “Beware of gifts” and embarked on a UK tour, we argued, we smiled, we fought, we made up – we had a great year.


After such an exciting year the universe had to balance itself, and our newest member Andrew decided to leave to focus on other commitments. He is a very busy man, in high demand, and he wish him the absolute best in everything he does. He helped us make 2015 the year it was 🙂

Along came Riffmaster 5000 (Ross)

We needed a new guitarist, we auditioned a few different people all with very different pros and cons, all really sound awesome individuals, but Ross had something special. You know that scene in Anchorman when Ron Burgundy is asked to play jazz flute, claims he isn’t ready and just kills it. That was pretty much Ross’s audition. So, we have been practicing and writing for the past few months, getting ourselves back into fighting faffing shape.

We have lots of plans for 2016, hopefully not as stressful as the previous (but you just never know whats coming), lots of gigs in new places, new music and merch to match. I plan to treat myself to a new bass if I can ever figure out what I actually want. It has to be functional, but unique and funky fresh (i honestly have no idea).

I apologise if anything i’ve written hasn’t made any sense, while writing this I have been watching Impractical Jokers and been constantly harassed by my 1 year old ultra needy dalmatian, Nova – so blame her.