Welcome to the first entry of the NeshBlog. Not really sure how to start this, despite it being my idea. Probably just going to be a great example of how much bollocks we all talk…but…onwards and upwards!

Busy is the easiest way to describe the last few months.

It’s funny, when you get into the serious business side of putting together a new release you truly realise how much unseen work goes into making it happen. Particularly if you intend on making it as difficult as possible for yourselves by inventing some crazy concept & delivery system in which to get your new “music” out.

Having said that, once this EP is finished, we will be more than pleased with what has been produced. Something we can really be proud of, hopefully.

Other things keeping me busy included the task of creating this website, which has actually been surprisingly fun. Tedious work to a degree but I’ve been listening to tons of new (to me) music to make it more enjoyable. Favourites include –

– The Contortionist – Language

– Karnivool – Sound Awake (favourite Karnivool I think)

– Veil of Maya – Matriarch (even better than they always were with new singer)

– Periphery – Alpha/Omega

– Northlane (again, new singer awesomness)

– Exist Immortal

– and more recently Jake Bowen’s electronic album, “Isometric”, which everyone should listen to now…. Seriously go do it now…. https://jakebowen.bandcamp.com/

Also, totally worth a watch is the new Tesseract Odyssey/Scala Live DVD. Dan is back and kicking ass.

Anyway, I digress, got tons of exciting band news coming soon, literally bursting at the seams with it, and can’t wait to tell everyone.

Until then I’m going to fill my time playing Fifa or my new Ibanez. Can’t stop writing new riffs on it. Already got a couple of, dare I say it, album tracks written…