Andrew here

I suppose one way to update is to say the word busy, because for the last month things have been only getting busier. However, things are finally starting to really come together. Bands for the release show all finalised, even to little things like the spacing of the tracks on the EP.

T-shirts are settled with possibly more on the way, the comic is reaching its completion (and it is really cool), the release show is drawing closer as well as the late September tour. It’s weird to see all the workings behind the scenes unfold into actual progress, and boy is it relieving/refreshing.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

We actually got the designs of T-shirts sorted in time for Tech fe-oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned Tech Fest yet! This year we played 2nd on the after party show on Friday night. If you were at said performance, thank you very much!

Actually, this was my first ever festival experience as well. I have never enjoyed the thought of music festivals. Travel to a field to go camping (which I hate) with another *insert number anywhere between 1,000 and 300,000 here* people all packed tightly together, to go see a bunch of bands on a big stage possibly from a good 10,000 people away where you can’t even see the band or hear them particularly well, all in the good chance of pouring rain. However, despite my cynicism, Tech fest was rather refreshing; says the 90 year old man. The sense of community was unmistakably apparent even though I didn’t really know a single person there (not a part of the Facebook groups). Still hated the camping, but the overall atmosphere, indoor stages (which were really cool) and music there all far exceeded my expectations.

I would say I’ve been doing other stuff but all I seem to do with my life these days is band. All the band. That being said, I got the Borderlands Handsome Collection for PS4, so I’ve been rediscovering my love for Borderlands when I manage to catch a break from all things being-in-a-band related. All the while finding new found love in Karnivool, Between the Buried and Me and Billy Talent.

Anyway, I’ve not got really anything else to report. Andrew out!

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