…Cos we are!

I hope you are all rested and prepared for our very first tour, because we certainly are! Only 3 days now until launch and we’re pretty much ready to go.

Our last practice on Monday was the usual mix of hard work and absolute faff, but everything’s sounding pretty sweet and if you’re lucky, there might even be some new appearances in the set list that have yet to surface from Beware of Gifts.

We now have individual posters for each show, detailing the support, venue, time and all that useful information on the Live page.

More importantly, tickets are also available for each show through us in our very own Shop. It’s never too late to order and tickets can be held on the door for ease. They are a very reasonable £6 and apart from witnessing the faff lords in action, you will also have the pleasure of Amongst Thieves. It would mean the world to us to see any of you out at the shows, this is why we do this in the first place.

Monday 28/09/15 – Stag and Hound, Bristol – Tickets
Tuesday 29/09/15 – The Flapper, Birmingham – Tickets
Wednesday 30/09/15 – Head of Steam, Newcastle – Tickets
Thursday 01/10/15 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow HOMETOWN HEADLINE SHOWTickets
Friday 02/10/15 – The Duchess, York – Tickets
Saturday 03/10/15 – The Factory, Manchester – Tickets

In the mean time, I’ll just leave this lovely picture of Andrew here to whet your appetite for the hot action you can expect while witnessing Neshiima on Tour!

Love ya’s

Andrew 1